Lovecraft (Not the sex shop in Cardiff)

Lovecraft ( Not the sex shop in Cardiff)
Written and performed by Carys Eleri
Directed by Mared Swain, music produced by Branwen Munn and co-produced by Carys Eleri and Wales Millennium Centre

It’s the next of our Guerrilla Radio plays and here’s the brief. Discover how love works, why it makes us do crazy things and why hugging is the answer. If that isn’t a mammoth task then I don’t know what is. Carys Eleri tackles this seemingly insurmountable conundrum with humour, charm and a good heart.

If I hadn’t been laughing so much I might have learnt something.

Recorded live and up close in The Red Lecture Theatre on the last Saturday of the Festival.

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Until You Hear That Bell

Next up in our series of Guerrilla Radio plays is Until You Hear That Bell.
Written and performed by Sean Mahoney it is the story of his life growing up inside and outside an amateur boxing club.

Sean’s physical performance floats through an adrenalin fuelled work out in the ring, carried aloft by his majestic, and somehow matter of fact, lyrical flow.

This performance was recorded live at Summerhall on the last night of the festival 2018. Party night.

Until You Hear That Bell was written and performed by Sean Mahoney

Directed by Yael Shavit

Movement Direction by Helen Heaslip

The Egg Is A Lonely Hunter

Our first offering for the Guerrilla Radio Plays section is The Egg Is A Lonely Hunter.

Directed by Jeda de Brí
Produced by Lisa Richards
Written and performed by Hannah Mamilis

Recorded live and up close in the Red Lecture Theatre during the Summerhall 2018 Festival