This show features six songs each picked by Steve Ellis and Nick Mortimore based on a particular theme which differs each time.  If you want to check out any of the previous shows you’ll find them all under the Radio Summerhall Mixcloud profile with its very own wild mood swings playlist.

And here’s what the current one sounds like …


  •  the phantom by the voodoo trombone quartet
  • 2  blue valentine by tom waits
  • 3  you are my sunshine by left-over cuties
  • 4  sea of love by phil phillips and the twilights
  • 5  tonight you belong to me by eddie vedder and cat power
  • 6  need your love so bad by little willie john
  • 7  when you go by slow club
  • 8  genius of love by tom tom club
  • 9  baby i love you so by Jacob miller
  • 10  baby tonight by bitty mclean
  • 11  I wanna make it wit chu by desert sessions
  • 12  simply beautiful by al green
  • 13  because of you by kevin rowlands

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