This show featured six songs each picked by Steve Ellis and Nick Mortimore based on a particular theme which differed each time.  All of the previous shows can be found under the Radio Summerhall Mixcloud profile with its very own wild mood swings playlist.

And here’s what the last one sounded like …


  • 1be my baby
    the ronettes
    2personality crisis
    new york dolls
    3daddy wasn’t there
    ming tea
    4the odd couple
    neil hefti
    5detectorists theme
    johnny flynn
    6ode to billie joe
    bobbie gentry
    7randall and hopkirk (deceased)
    nina persson and david arnold
    8straight up and down
    the brian jonestown massacre
    9unmarked helicopters
    soul coughing
    10down and out in new york city
    james brown
    11after the fox
    the hollies
    12the harder they come
    jimmy cliff