As one half of the duo, Between Mountains, Katla Vigdís Vernharðsdóttir has demonstrated that she is a song writer of considerable skill.
In this solo performance Katla ethuses a confidence to wander, seemingly effortlessly, through a short set of songs constructed with an unnerving maturity.

Initially I defied the inaccuracy of what I was seeing and hearing. Standing alone with only a guitar for support the sound that rolled across the room was richer than anything that seemed possible from the isolated presence cut by Katla on the Lucky Records stage.
Understated tunes danced in perfect synchronization with drifting backing tracks and velvet constructed guitar architecture. And the effect? Born out of an environment where the weather is your life Katla’s songs are the audio equivalent of a walk through recently settled snow.

The immaculate views yield to the pressure of gently progressive song constructs.

Or, if you prefer, just freakin’ brilliant.