Let’s Go Get Lost … is a monthly two hour show hosted by Steve Ellis.  Each month a song or artist is taken as a starting-off point and using connections, related artists, if you like this you might like that and the like we see where we get to.

Only the latest show will be posted here so if you want to check out any previous shows you’ll find them all in Mixcloud – there’s a Let’s Go Get Lost … playlist that gathers all shows in the one, handy to get at place.  There’s lovely.

1 Largs Hum – Swimmer One
2 Don’t Let the Winter Freeze Your Heart – Seafieldroad
3 Throwing Bones – The Phantom Band
4 New Ruin – Meursault
5 Day Drinker – Supermoon
6 Something To Believe In – King Creosote
7 Woozy With Cider – Jon Hopkins remix – James Yorkston
8 I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore – Randolph’s Leap
9 Twisted Mile – Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers
10 Cave – Beerjacket
11 Isn’t This World Enough?? – Admiral Fallow
12 Bones – Rachel Sermanni
13 There Are No Saints – Siobhan Wilson
14 Our Beloved Dead – Out Lines
15 Tell My Lover – Kathryn Joseph
16 Where Do The Nights Of Sleep Go To When They Do Not Come To Me – Ballboy
17 Tooth and Claw – The Fruit Tree Foundation
18 The Vampires – Khaya
19 Witch on the Speaker – The Leg
20 Love Is Terminal – Edinburgh School for the Deaf
21 Joy – Withered Hand
22 Void – NAKED
23 Little Sparta – Saint Jude’s Infirmary
24 Asylum – Punch & The Apostles
25 A Souvenir For Every Hope You Had – Found
26 Do It Puritan! – El Hombre Trajeado
27 Perspective – Lizabett Russo
28 Cynthia Says – CS Buchan

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