You’ll only find the current show here so if you like what you hear then please check out the previous shows held by searching on Caledonia uber ellis in Mixcloud.  There’s a handy playlist that collects all previous shows in one place if you like that kind of thing.


1 Let’s Build A Car
Swell Maps
2 Train from King’s Cross Station
Tender Trap
3 Queen B
Marine Research
4 Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell Records
5 The Damage Done
Sisters of Mercy
6 East Coast
A Little Orchestra
7 If You Don’t Pull…
The Just Joans
8 Ecoutez Bien
Eux Autres
9 Found Love In A Graveyard
Veronica Falls
10 The girl on a death row
T. Tex Edwards
11 Jennifer’s Lips
Ist Ist
12 Where Is My Owner?
13 Standing On The Corner
14 Alice
Sisters of Mercy
15 What You Wanted
16 Cool Places
17 Sex Appeal
Sexy Sushi
18 Cardboard Cutout
The Paraffins
19 Die Matrosen
Book Of Love
20 La Verite
Vive La Fête
21 Your Guitars Are Wasted On Me
The Pipettes
22 We Don’t Play Guitars
Chicks On Speed
23 Anyone Can Play Guitar
24 Pot Kettle Black
Tilly And The Wall
25 Door
Nice As Fuck
26 Cuban Cigars
27 Message From the Law
Sic Alps
28 Tip to Tail
29 Anaconda
Sisters of Mercy
30 Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back to Leeds
The Mountain Goats
31 Temple of Love
32 What A Way To Die
The Shop Assistants
33 Soul Happy Hour
The Jazz Butcher
34 Cheap Beer
35 The Dial

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