As part of acknowledging the Edinburgh Fringe Festival happening just outside the studio walls of Radio Summerhall, we’ve only gone and done another Ravelston Dykes thing.

Last year we put together the first one as an audio walking tour guide which was really a poorly disguised attempt at getting folk to walk around Edinburgh’s old town and then lo and behold end up at Summerhall.  To try and make it slightly more interesting, we sellotaped the flimsiest of plots together and make for all intents and purposes an old time radio type drama.  Originally it was going to be done with computer voices but everyone who heard that version hated it which turned out to be for the best as I then did it with some friends and the recording of it was great fun.

So much so in fact that we decided to do it all again this year.  The same gang are all involved, it’s still the same flimsy plot stringing together a series of gruesome deaths and there’s still a walking tour guide.  This time it starts from West Princes Street Gardens and takes in Stockbridge, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Calton Hill and winds up at the Scottish Parliament building.

The tour guide is available to download on Podbean (just search on Ravelston Dykes Casebook Podbean within Google or whatever search engine of choice you use) as Mixcloud doesn’t let you download to listen offline later.  Unfortunately Podbean doesn’t let you include copyrighted material so the music included on the audio tour to fill in the gaps where there’s no dialogue is stuff that’s been thrown together within Hip Hop Ejay.  The version here excises all that and replaces it with cover versions of some New Wave and Eighties classics.  The first one had some electro-swing stuff and can still be found within Mixcloud (within Mixcloud just search on Ravelston Dykes – unsurprisingly only 1 result comes up).  I’ve kept the tour guide bits in this time as Pamela is really good and there was hardly any of her in last year’s Mixcloud version when I chopped all that out.

Without whom this just wouldn’t have been possible:

PAMELA SNEDDON as Main Announcer
KIM CRAVEN as Rose Street
PAUL SCOTT as D.I. Dick Place
GRANT CRAVEN as Ravelston Dykes P.I.
NICK MORTIMORE as Nick/Dick The Cabby
LESLIE VEST as The Coroner
ETHAN as Ethan

and starring SEAN FITZPATRICK as:

Milton Road
Street Vendor
Craig Lockhart
Professor Kirk Loan
Newspaper Vendor
Dudley Avenue
Craig Millar
Jock Slodge
Tom Baker
D.I. Stair
The Reverend Salamander Yards

Introducing Miss NAOMI-BETH ELLIS as:
Abby Lane
Mrs Moore-Campagna
Magdalene Gardens
Estate Agent

Sound Effects by RONAN ELLIS

Written by STEVE ELLIS and based on a character suggested by NICK MORTIMORE

NICK MORTIMORE and LESLIE VEST appear courtesy of Radio Summerhall

This has been a Distinctly Hellish Prod. MMXVIII


1 Panic
2 Feels Like Heaven
3 Love Will Tear Us Apart
4 Master And Servant
5 Planet Claire
6 The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
7 Smooth Operator
8 Absolute Beginners
9 Watching The Detectives
10 Cruel Summer
11 Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
12 Love Is a Stranger
13 Blue Monday
14 Heart Of Glass
15 White Wedding
16 A View To A Kill
17 I Ran
18 Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)
19 Party Fears Two
20 A Forest
21 Our Lips Are Sealed
22 Happy House
23 Tainted Love
24 Guns of Brixton
25 Twilight Café
26 With Or Without You
27 Wonderful Life
28 Every Breath You Take
29 The Cutter
30 Ghost Town