As The Crow Flies gets its radio philosophy from the cassette age. Tune in and press record for a Grand Tour. Gem after gem, the show builds an arc across its eclectic musical universe, guaranteed to introduce you to artists and tracks you’d have been gutted not to know.

Rooted in its homeland of future beatz, DnB, UK dubstep, golden age hip-hop and jazz, the show reaches into the avant-garde, contemporary classical, psychedelia, prog, shoegaze, soul, funk, dub and beyond in order to keep its universe fresh and unpredictable.
Because the show is so indebted to black music, that debt is honored with trenchant support for the BlackLivesMatter movement and its struggle against glaring injustice here in the UK and in the US.  Deliberations on Trump, Brexit, disaffection, resistance and hope interject to the pulse of dystopian beats. If music is for anything then it’s for fighting with, so we fight for music.