1. Popular Music – LIFE
From the 2017 album of the same name
Band is from Hull, England5.

2. Get These Things Out of My Head – Pale Honey
From the 2017 album Devotion
Band is from Gothenburg, Sweden

3. Nothing’s Older than Yesterday – Cari Cari
The duo are from Austria. Played at Indra. First spot the Beatles played in Hamburg on 17th August 1960. Indra was closed due to noise complaints and the group moved to the nearby Kaiserkeller.

4, Miracle – Nelson Can
Taken from EP3 released in 2017
From Copenhagen, Denmark
Started their own label “like a can of beans records” to support up and coming artists to allow them to establish themselves to the point where they can move onto a bigger label.

5. Tame as the WIld Ones – Whitehorse
Taken from the album Leave No Bridge Unburned which was released in 2015
The band are from Toronto, Canada

6, Atmosphere – Joy Division
Anton Corbijn photo exhibition

7. A New Kind Of Ego – The Ninth Wave
From Glasgow, Scotland
No album as yet

8, Farthest Moon – Field Division
From the 2018 album Dark Matter Dreams released on Bella Union who always seem to have good taste. (Simon Raymonde)
Band is from the Des Moines, USA

9. Constellations – Darwin Deez
From NYC
Played in Gruenspan. Gorgeous former movie theatre that became a music venue back in 1968

10. Witchy Babes – Decibelles
Taken from the album Tight released in 2017
3 piece from Lyon, France

11. Body – Estrons
From Cardiff, Wales