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This is a broadcast from the North. Radio Summerhall loves Lucky Records. We have the rain, they have the snow and we both have the music. Listen, don’t let the name throw you, there’s no luck involved. You either...

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Graveyard Club

Next up in our Lucky Records Sessions are Minneapolis residents Graveyard Club. Their sound clearly nods in the direction of the 80s but it is so very much more than a retro lift. There is no doubt that the four piece are at...

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Epic Rain

The third in our Lucky Records Sessions is an intimate and edgy performance from Reykjavik locals Epic Rain. This session was filmed during last year’s Iceland Airwaves and on this occasion members of the Radio Summerhall...

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Gróa provide the next in our lovely Lucky Records Sessions. If Gróa is a secret, it won’t be kept for long. They casually defy the parameters laid down by the constraints of an orthodox three piece set up. Gróa master effortless...

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