Radio Summerhall is art, music and culture. An independent radio station based at Edinburgh’s most important arts complex, Summerhall.

The station is intended as a platform for anyone who needs an outlet to express themselves creatively. We have made programmes for musicians, performers, scientists, lecturers, actors, writers, producers, directors, audiences, students and business people.

Initially formed in 2014 the Radio Summerhall ethos has been that our cultural community will grow best when organised by the voluntary co-operation of individuals without the restriction of censorship. Of course, that heartfelt idealism could only have one outcome and that is chaos. Beautiful chaos, but chaos nevertheless.

Yes, the programmes are there and they are a sweet sweet thing for sure but man you’ve gotta dig, dig, dig to find them.

In August 2017 that all changes. As our numbers increase we owe it to ourselves, and everyone who collaborates with us, to make our creative content completely accessible. We are no longer in the shadow of disorder. With the launch of our revamped website the new, and old, blood in our family of enthusiasts are taking this station in a new direction.

Our existing format of on-line programmes and podcasts will now run in parallel with a brand new live output schedule. We’re even taking the leap into live on-line TV. Catch us anytime you like but come on, make an appointment to hear us live. Or better still, be a part of it.

We need your support, without you listening or watching, there won’t be anyone talking. Bring your ideas to us and we will listen to what you have to say. There’s no one better than you to create your bespoke alternative.

This is Radio Summerhall independent voice of Art and Music since 2014.