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Lovecraft (Not the sex shop in Cardiff)

Lovecraft ( Not the sex shop in Cardiff)
Written and performed by Carys Eleri
Directed by Mared Swain, music produced by Branwen Munn and co-produced by Carys Eleri and Wales Millennium Centre

It’s the next of our Guerrilla Radio plays and here’s the brief. Discover how love works, why it makes us do crazy things and why hugging is the answer. If that isn’t a mammoth task then I don’t know what is. Carys Eleri tackles this seemingly insurmountable conundrum with humour, charm and a good heart.

If I hadn’t been laughing so much I might have learnt something.

Recorded live and up close in The Red Lecture Theatre on the last Saturday of the Festival.

If you want to hear some more of our Guerrilla Radio Plays just go to our Voices In Your Head page and kur-lick the link.



All Shook Up March ’19

Nick’s back with a new show with some of the best tracks you’ve never heard.

wild mood swings – songs from films and telly shows

This show features six songs each picked by Steve Ellis and Nick Mortimore based on a particular theme which differs each time.  If you want to check out any of the previous shows you’ll find them all under the Radio Summerhall Mixcloud profile with its very own wild mood swings playlist.

And here’s what the current one sounds like …


  • 1
    be my baby
    the ronettes
    personality crisis
    new york dolls
    daddy wasn’t there
    ming tea
    the odd couple
    neil hefti
    detectorists theme
    johnny flynn
    ode to billie joe
    bobbie gentry
    randall and hopkirk (deceased)
    nina persson and david arnold
    straight up and down
    the brian jonestown massacre
    unmarked helicopters
    soul coughing
    down and out in new york city
    james brown
    after the fox
    the hollies
    the harder they come
    jimmy cliff

See the source image

caledonia uber ellis – if i can’t remember then i must be having fun

You’ll only find the current show here so if you like what you hear then please check out the previous shows held by searching on Caledonia uber ellis in Mixcloud.  There’s a handy playlist that collects all previous shows in one place if you like that kind of thing.


2still standing
we free kings
4pour it down your throat
the hook ‘n pull gang
ipso facto
6Blue Spirit Blues
Professor Purblind
7Blue Contempt
Anni Hogan
8Blue Nabou
Anni Hogan
9When You Stop Loving Me
Thee Headcoatees
10I Can Destroy All Your Love
Thee Headcoats
11(I’m Not) Interested In You
Table Scraps
12you don’t own me
ipso facto
13Atomic Bongos
Lydia Lunch
Dead Disco
15The Wanderer
Warm Drag
16In A Manner Of Speaking
Martin L. Gore
17Not Knowing
Nouvelle Vague
19six and three quarters
ipso facto
20Fire Escape
Rote Kapelle
21Jolly Adventure With Janus McManus
Eton Crop
22Daddy Issues
Pip Blom
23Friendly Fires
Section 25
Snapped Ankles
25Strangulation Day (Cosey Fanni Tutti Remix)
Heavy Lungs
These New Puritans
28Boys in the Better Land
Factory Floor
30Sweet Surprise
Chris & Cosey
Cosey Fanni Tutti
32It’s All Up To You
The Darling Buds

Image result for cosey fanni tutti


Una Stef

The Lucky Records stage has often been a showcase for the unknown, the edgy and the idiosyncratic.

When the outrageously established Una Stef graced the stage with her blend of jazz and R&B it was an opportunity for performer and audience split an intimate experience in the “I dare you to do it” atmosphere of the best record shop in Europe.


I checked my Northern Irish dictionary of Swear Words For All Occasions and you know what, accomplished isn’t in it.

Enjoy the band ya boy ye!

wild mood swings – st valentine’s day special

This show features six songs each picked by Steve Ellis and Nick Mortimore based on a particular theme which differs each time.  If you want to check out any of the previous shows you’ll find them all under the Radio Summerhall Mixcloud profile with its very own wild mood swings playlist.

And here’s what the current one sounds like …


  •  the phantom by the voodoo trombone quartet
  • 2  blue valentine by tom waits
  • 3  you are my sunshine by left-over cuties
  • 4  sea of love by phil phillips and the twilights
  • 5  tonight you belong to me by eddie vedder and cat power
  • 6  need your love so bad by little willie john
  • 7  when you go by slow club
  • 8  genius of love by tom tom club
  • 9  baby i love you so by Jacob miller
  • 10  baby tonight by bitty mclean
  • 11  I wanna make it wit chu by desert sessions
  • 12  simply beautiful by al green
  • 13  because of you by kevin rowlands

Image result for tom waits

Let’s Go Get Lost – Swimmer One to C S Buchan

Let’s Go Get Lost … is a monthly two hour show hosted by Steve Ellis.  Each month a song or artist is taken as a starting-off point and using connections, related artists, if you like this you might like that and the like we see where we get to.

Only the latest show will be posted here so if you want to check out any previous shows you’ll find them all in Mixcloud – there’s a Let’s Go Get Lost … playlist that gathers all shows in the one, handy to get at place.  There’s lovely.

1 Largs Hum – Swimmer One
2 Don’t Let the Winter Freeze Your Heart – Seafieldroad
3 Throwing Bones – The Phantom Band
4 New Ruin – Meursault
5 Day Drinker – Supermoon
6 Something To Believe In – King Creosote
7 Woozy With Cider – Jon Hopkins remix – James Yorkston
8 I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore – Randolph’s Leap
9 Twisted Mile – Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers
10 Cave – Beerjacket
11 Isn’t This World Enough?? – Admiral Fallow
12 Bones – Rachel Sermanni
13 There Are No Saints – Siobhan Wilson
14 Our Beloved Dead – Out Lines
15 Tell My Lover – Kathryn Joseph
16 Where Do The Nights Of Sleep Go To When They Do Not Come To Me – Ballboy
17 Tooth and Claw – The Fruit Tree Foundation
18 The Vampires – Khaya
19 Witch on the Speaker – The Leg
20 Love Is Terminal – Edinburgh School for the Deaf
21 Joy – Withered Hand
22 Void – NAKED
23 Little Sparta – Saint Jude’s Infirmary
24 Asylum – Punch & The Apostles
25 A Souvenir For Every Hope You Had – Found
26 Do It Puritan! – El Hombre Trajeado
27 Perspective – Lizabett Russo
28 Cynthia Says – CS Buchan

Image result for khaya band edinburgh



We Read Comics: Episode 1

For our first episode of We Read Comics we discuss I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura. John McShane joins Jenny Mayhew and Marty Zeller- Jacques in the studio. We’ve now met a man who has met Stan Lee. What a start to the series.


As one half of the duo, Between Mountains, Katla Vigdís Vernharðsdóttir has demonstrated that she is a song writer of considerable skill.
In this solo performance Katla ethuses a confidence to wander, seemingly effortlessly, through a short set of songs constructed with an unnerving maturity.

Initially I defied the inaccuracy of what I was seeing and hearing. Standing alone with only a guitar for support the sound that rolled across the room was richer than anything that seemed possible from the isolated presence cut by Katla on the Lucky Records stage.
Understated tunes danced in perfect synchronization with drifting backing tracks and velvet constructed guitar architecture. And the effect? Born out of an environment where the weather is your life Katla’s songs are the audio equivalent of a walk through recently settled snow.

The immaculate views yield to the pressure of gently progressive song constructs.

Or, if you prefer, just freakin’ brilliant.

Daft Punt Super Bowl Prelude

In this week’s Daft Punt Andy and Oscar are back in the pub and looking forward to the Super Bowl. With Tom Brady leading the Patriots with renewed vigour the big question is how can the Rams find a way to win on Sunday. Both teams came through playoffs with tough performances in high scoring games. Fingers crossed for an equally high scoring Super Bowl. The photo is of Bill Belichick’s favourite punter, and we all have one, Johnny Hekker of the Rams.

Worldwalking 34

Around the world in 62 minutes…not bad going!