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Music Routes 68

July 14, 2017 Current Shows, Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes 68

No studio guests this week, but some great folk, jazz and more from the world of music

1 Special Ed : Trouser Gravy
2 Amy Westney : Love Shouldn’t Hurt
3 Hershaw & Forbes : We Are Not Children Anymore
4 Amy Henderson : Easy and Free
5 Grey & Peach : A Thank You Won’t Pay the Fiddler
6 Nick Keir : Mephistopheles on Minto Street
7 Christine Primrose : Thug Mi Mo Lamh Don Eileanach
8 Amy McAllister : O’Carolan’s Concerto
9 Sheila K Cameron : But Black Is the Colour
10 Fraser Anderson : By the Fire
11 Chastity Brown : Drive Slow
12 Hot 8 Brass Band : Can’t Nobody Get Down
13 Jonalee White : Love It Like That
14 The 4 of Us : Argenta
15 Ugly Bug Ragtime Three : That’s a Plenty
16 Miranda Lee Richards : Another World
17 Southpaw Steel ‘n’ Twang : Ilo
18 John Wort Hannam : 10,000 Acres
19 Chris Murphy : Caves of Killala
20 J B Hot Four : In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town
21 Coca Tenorio : Cold Like Stones
22 Ani Di Franco : Alrighty
23 Orkestra del Sol : Ferrari Borrowers Club
24 Alice Howe : Don’t Worry Honey
25 Hannah Aldridge : Aftermath
26 Pons Aelius : Oh My Doughnuts
27 Amanda Anne Platt : Birthday Song
28 Ryan Young : The Cross of Inverness
29 Sarah Jane Scouten : Acre of Shells
30 Neil Warden : The Alchemist

Music Routes 67

July 1, 2017 Current Shows, Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes 67

Studio guest John Burgess gives us the lowdown on Edinburgh Jazz Festival, so some great jazz tracks to add to the mix this week

Special Ed : Trouser Gravy
Southpaw Steel ‘n’ Twang : Water
Christine Primrose : Gradh Maireannach
John Burgess : Interview
Blind Boys of Alabama : Every Grain of Sand
Davina & The Vagabonds : ​You Must Be Out of Your Mind
Chris Barber & His Jazz Band : Stevedore Stomp
Kent DuChaine : Back Home in Alabama
Amy McAllister : Jigs
Jon Erik Kellso : 9:20 Special
Orkestra del Sol : Dingomando
John Scofield​: Lucky for Her
JB Hot Four : I’m In the Market for You
Hen’s Teeth : Cluck Old Hen
Nick Keir : It’s a Lie
Rosemary & The Sweet South : Barefoot ‘n’ Bling
Louis Armstrong : Potato Head Blues
Kandace Springs : Soul Eyes
Eilen Jewell : Shakin’ All Over
Danberrys : Here We Go Round
Vilma Timonen Quartet : Tahtineito
Eddie Condon : At the Jazz Band Ball
Miranda Lee Richards : The Wildwood
Viper Central​ : Bloodvein Breakdown
Jon Erik Kellso : Sweet Lorraine
Chastity Brown : Colorado
Ani Di Franco : Deferred Gratification
Braff/Barnes Quartet : S’Wonderful
Subsonic Trio : Ala Sina Flikka
Susan Cattaneo : Back Door Slam
Coco Tenoria : Angel of the North
Sheila K Cameron : When I Grow Too Old to Dream
Hannah Aldridge : Aftermath
Tuuletar : Odotan
Molly Rose & Robert Reed : Dublin Days

Music Routes 66

June 23, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes 66

In the studio this week Pete, Mikey and John from legendary local band Makossa talk past, present and future of the band. Plus some of the world’s best music.

Special Ed : Trouser Gravy
Pete, Mikey and John (Makossa) : Interview
Makossa : Bus Stop
Makossa : Maira
Makossa : Stir It Up
Makossa : Djingo
Nick Keir : Middle Aged Men
Amy McAllister : Over the Mountain
Southpaw Steel ‘n’ Twang : Aloha Garage
Bernadette : Gypsy Boots
Evie Ladin Band : Coffeeshop
Orkestra del Sol : The Final Fling
Hannah Aldridge : Birmingham
Sheila K Cameron : I’ve Waited a Long Time
Chastity Brown : Carried Away
Orchestra Baobab : Foulo
Danberrys : All the Way Up
Chico Chica : Birds
Hen’s Teeth : Chinquapin Hunting
Ani Di Franco : Binary
Chris Murphy : Ain’t No Place
Laura Cortese & Dance Cards : Train on the Island
Viper Central : Bear Claw
Golden Tongue : Get It Right
Ed Dupas : Anthem
Ugly Bug Ragtime Three/Kellock : Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives…
Underhill Rose : Better Off Alone
Goli : You
Subsonic Trio : A Distant Memory
Molly Rose & Robert Reed : Caledonia
Dalida : Parlez-moi D’amour
3hattrio : Darling
Vilma Timonen Quartet : Basantapur
Emily Maguire : For Free
Rachel Ries : Anchor
Nathan Bell : American Crow
Tuuletar : Alku
Miranda Lee Richards : Ashes and Seeds
Neil Warden : The Alchemist

Music Routes 65

June 20, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes 65

This week’s studio guest is Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Jim Dunnigan, for our annual talk about films while listening to great music. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…

Special Ed : Trouser Gravy
Jenny Lascelles : Summer Song
The Blasters : American Music
Alejandro Escovedo : 1968
Willis & Robison : Border Radio
Whyte : Leis a Bhata
Steve Earle : Dirty Old Town
Dalida : Que Sont Devenues Les Fleurs?
Webb Wilder : Scattergun
Jacob Tovar & Saddle Tramps : Tips and Beer
Coast : Let It Rain
Holly Williams : Railroads
Honky Tonk Hangovers : The Honky Tonk Song
Nick Keir : Festival Lights
Hot Club of Cowtown : The Devil Ain’t Lazy
Pine Valley Cosmonauts : The Plans We Made
Arthur Alexander : You Better Move On
Fearon & Mogey : Red River Valley
Robert Earl Keen : Corpus Christi Bay
Brennen Leigh : Sleeping with the Devil
Miller & Cook : If Teardrops Were Pennies
Harrington & Clements : Going up the River
Bob Smith’s Ideal Band : The Red Flag

Music Routes 64

June 8, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes 64

No studio guests this week, just 2 hours of tracks from around the world of music

Special Ed : Trouser Gravy
Jenny Lascelles : Riverwide
Diablos : East Coast Run
Nick Keir : American Accent
Norman Blake : Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
Katie Spencer : Children (Don’t You Know)
Ryan Singh : Kuriye
Whyte : An Lair Dhonn
Rachel Newton : Here’s My Heart Come Take It
Lucky Blondo : Dans La Rue Des Souvenirs
Chloe Chadwick : Love Will Find a Way
Underhill Rose : Bette Davis Eyes
Neil Warden : Bad Dog
Victoria Vox : Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Orchesta Baobab : Foulo
Laura Cortese & Dance Cards : Into the Dark
Chico Chica : Falling, Falling
Evie Ladin Band : Build Me a House/Cypress Shuffle
Steamchicken : Brigg Fair
Alecia Nugent : Wreckin’ the Train
Darren Lynch : Dance to Your Daddy
Carrie Rodriguez : Seven Angels on a Bicycle
Ed Dupas : Two Wrongs
Michael McGoldrick : Freefalling
Viper Central : Gold Mine
Rachel Ries : October
Salsa Celtica : Adios Adios

Music Routes Special with Evie Ladin & Keith Terry

June 4, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes Special with Evie Ladin & Keith Terry

Californian duo Evie Ladin & Keith Terry were in town on their way down south, so Jim got them to drop in to the studio on their way.

Evie Ladin Band : Jump the Fire
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry : Interview
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry : Under the Waterline (Live)
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry: Ease on Down (Live)
Evie Ladin Band : Drinking of You

Music Routes 63

June 1, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes 63

This week’s studio guest is dhol drummer and DJ Ryan Singh with his choice of tracks from Bollywood movies to add to our usual selection of great music.

Special Ed : Trouser Gravy
Skipinnish : The Island
Nick Keir : All Over This Town
Jenny Sturgeon : Grey Funnel Line
Hershaw & Forbes : New York City Rain
Ugly Bug Ragtime Three : Down Among the Sheltering Palms
Katie Spencer : Magazines
Nik Barrell : New Orleans
Daimh : Locheil’s Away
Diablos : Banks of the Vilaine
Jenny Lascelles : -347
3hattrio : Mojave
Underhill Rose : Who Brought the Sun
David Starr : Dancing with My Pride
Ryan Singh’s Bollywood Choice : 7 great tracks from the movies selected by our guest presenter
Ryan Singh : Ishq Da Kedha
Shiela K Cameron : Every Night When the Sun Goes In
New Focus : Green Park
Marie Myriam : Sentimentale
Ed Dupas : Too Big to Fail
Sonia Leigh : Willing to Fly
Neil Warden : Mojave
Victoria Vox : My Darlin’ Beau
Evie Laden : I Love My Honey
Nathan Bell : So Damn Pretty
Laura Cortese & Dance Cards : Lay Me Low
Rachel Ries : Luckiest One
Kate & Raphael : Million Dollars

Music Routes Special with Larry Kaplan

May 31, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes Special with Larry Kaplan

New England singer/songwriter Larry Kaplan joins us in the studio for some songs and chat

Larry Kaplan : Belle, Is there Music Tonight
Larry Kaplan : Interview
Larry Kaplan : Don’t Forget to Play Your Fiddle (Live)
Larry Kaplan : Echo on the Mountain (Live)
Larry Kaplan : The Sea Ran High

Music Routes Special with David Starr

May 26, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes Special with David Starr

David Starr takes a break from his UK tour to join us in the studio for some live music and chat.

The Head and Heart
The Edge of the World (Live)
Waiting in the Dark (Live)
California Dreamin’ featuring John Oates

Music Routes 62

May 26, 2017 Music Routes Comments Off on Music Routes 62

Brian Kellock, Neil Warden and Calum Mackay join us in the studio to talk about Leith Jazz and Blues Festival, plus, as always, some of the finest tracks we could find.

Special Ed : Trouser Gravy
Hershaw & Forbes : Moonshiner
Nik Barrell : It’s Your Choice
Jenny Sturgeon : Whaler’s Song
Redwood Mountain : Katy Cruel
Elephant Sessions : Misty Badger
Jenny Lascelles : Backbone
Skipinnish : Ocean of the Free
Steve Mayone : So Many People Get It Wrong
Russian Army Ensemble : Katyusha
Kate & Raphael : Tanz Tanz Tanz
McCalmans : Loves the Rising Sun
Mayra Andrade : Storia Storia
Brian Kellock, Neil Warden & Calum Mackay : Leith Jazz & Blues Festival
Smith & Kellock : I Apologise
Freddie King : My Foolish Heart
Blue Soul Groove : Baga River
Ugly Bug Ragtime Three : Come Back Sweet Papa
Sheila K Cameron : Drink to Me Only
Brian Langlinais : Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You
3hattrio : Get Up Stand Up
Katie Spencer : It’s True
Pierre Bellemare : La Chanson des Rues
Ted Russell Kamp : The Way Love Burns
Mary Gauthier : False from True
Stringjammer : All of the While
Nathan Bell : One Man Walking
Rachel Ries : Our Summertime
Victoria Vox : Guilty
Underhill Rose : 2,000 Miles
Laura Cortese & Dance Cards : California Calling
Magana : Get It Right
Goli : Alone
Evie Ladin Band : CooCoo
Blejean & Sargent : Reeling in Colman

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