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The Bathtime Experiment 1

February 3, 2017 Current Shows, The Bathtime Experiment Comments Off on The Bathtime Experiment 1

New to Radio Summerhall – The Bathtime Experiment

A 90 minute meander through a weird and wonderful (in my opinion) selection of album/ep tracks from far, wide and across the musical spectrum.

Greetings, wherever and whenever you are …


1 Dirge Gig by Maverick Wurlitzer
2 I can see a murder by The Scaramanga Six
3 Herd of Creeps by Sunwatchers
4 Haxan by Dungen
5 Empires, Buildings and Aquisitions by The Dowling Poole
6 The Smartest Monkeys by XTC
7 The Good Life by The Week That Was
8 Engrams by Three Trapped Tigers
9 Custom Muscle by Birdhead
10 Dante’s Cardigan by Britney
11 Feel the Sorcery by Knifeworld
12 Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Part 2 (live) by King Crimson
13 The Tower by Half Formed Things
14 Dirty Boy by Cardiacs

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